Today we are excited to announce that we have led Co — Star’s $15m Series A funding round, and I will be joining the board.

Why are we excited? We believe that astrology, which has existed for thousands of years, provides a shared language that people use as a tool to reflect on themselves and make connecting with others easier.

Knowing your sign is as mainstream as it gets, and we believe that Co — Star is the first consumer internet product to bring astrology to the world.

Their approach is the perfect blend of technology and creativity. Hyper-personalization, a…

Today we are excited to announce our investment in X1 Card — a smart credit card designed for the modern world.

The thing we use most in our financial lives is our credit card. We are asked for it everywhere and save it all over the Internet in apps and on websites. The Apple card is lovely, but it is kind of a re-do of the Macy’s credit card we all signed up for to get 10% off of that comforter freshman year of college. The Chase Sapphire card is popular for its rewards program, but points are points. …

Welcoming Natalie Sandman to Spark

We are delighted to welcome Natalie Sandman to Spark. She is joining our early-stage investing team in our San Francisco office.

Since day one at Spark, nearly 15 years ago, we’ve been obsessed with magical products — believing products can create markets, not just find market fit. So, naturally, when I and the rest of the Spark gang, met Natalie what first struck us was her product experience — both from the operating and investing side.

After graduating from Harvard with degrees in Applied Mathematics and Economics, Natalie joined Zenefits as one of the first…

Better paper, Better thinking

Today I am excited to welcome reMarkable to the Spark family as the lead investor in their Series A funding round. reMarkable is a digital paper tablet that delivers the experience of real paper, and yet, is still connected to the digital world.

reMarkable is a single-purpose device with a focused design whose goal is to make paper digital. Those of us who are easily distracted by notifications or constant access to email typically rely on old-fashioned paper notebooks or printouts. The reMarkable paper tablet lets you take notes, doodle, and even upload documents or slides to markup. Sometimes less…

Anyone with an Instagram account knows that quickly, seemingly overnight, the experience of finding great products tailored to our specific needs and demographics has become incredibly easy. In fact, you could argue that these days, products find the people. With a couple of clicks, you can have something show up at your door in a few days.

In other words, shopping has changed.

With this change, packaging has changed as well. That’s because, for many brands, the box is the first physical interaction customers have with them and their products. …

If you were to list the characteristics that make companies feel like “Spark investments,” at the top of that list would be a product experience so well designed that every attention to detail you uncover gets you more and more excited to a point where you awkwardly start laughing out loud. A product experience that leads you to that place where you are pretty sure you won’t be able to imagine your life before this product.

A close second on that list is all about the founder giving you that demo. …

At Spark we work as a team when looking at companies to make an investment in. As we were learning more about Lola’s product and market, there was one thing that struck all of us immediately. The two founders, Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman, were exactly the type of entrepreneurs we have historically partnered with: creative and product-oriented with an inherent instinct for building a great consumer brand.

Lola is growing rapidly and we are excited to lead their Series A investment so they can launch new products and recruit more talented folks to their world class team.

The all…

Enjoying our photos at home

Why is it that we take more photos than ever, but we don’t enjoy them in our homes?

We have countless ways to share photos with people. Countless ways to make our photos look beautiful. Still, there is no good way to consume our own photos in our homes.

We agonize over what photo to print, what frame to buy, and where we can squeeze it on our walls or shelves. Most of the time we just say forget it and browse the camera roll on our phone. Maybe we setup that Apple TV screen saver thing. Probably not.


In 2008 I made my first investment in Evan Williams, not with my money, but with my future. I had spent the previous decade working on the promise of mobile and now it seemed like the stars were aligning.

The iPhone was more than a toy, text messaging was exploding, and social media was looking like it could be the killer app. I had become obsessed with the mobile DNA of Twitter and was fascinated to see where Ev would take it given his experience with Blogger.

I was living in Colorado at the time, but as soon as I…

Kevin Thau

General partner at Spark Capital

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