Our Investment in Co — Star

Today we are excited to announce that we have led Co — Star’s $15m Series A funding round, and I will be joining the board.

Why are we excited? We believe that astrology, which has existed for thousands of years, provides a shared language that people use as a tool to reflect on themselves and make connecting with others easier.

Knowing your sign is as mainstream as it gets, and we believe that Co — Star is the first consumer internet product to bring astrology to the world.

Their approach is the perfect blend of technology and creativity. Hyper-personalization, a messaging feature (chaos mode-my favorite) that’s ushering in a completely new wave of social connection and a brand that perfectly threads the needle between authenticity and fun.

We aren’t alone in our love of this product. The growth is insane. AlMOST 20 million people use the product. Their push notifications and Instagram account (@costarastrology) is some of the most screen-shotted content on the Internet.

We met the CEO and founder, Banu Guler, a few years ago, soon after the app launched. Her background is perfect for building Co — Star. She is a designer; she understands what’s cool, loves to go deep on hard tech, and has a passion for wanting to make people’s lives better.

Is astrology real? Does it matter? We share myths, stories, and folklore to help us understand our world. Today, in addition to organized religion, people are embracing more spiritual beliefs and practices. We are big believers that the easternization of the west is a trend that is here to stay. People find value in reflective practices like astrology, meditation, and journaling.

Banu says it best, “The question isn’t whether astrology is real, the question is whether the effects are real… Is it a legitimate tool for self-care, and the answer is yes.”

General partner at Spark Capital