Anyone with an Instagram account knows that quickly, seemingly overnight, the experience of finding great products tailored to our specific needs and demographics has become incredibly easy. In fact, you could argue that these days, products find the people. With a couple of clicks, you can have something show up at your door in a few days.

In other words, shopping has changed.

With this change, packaging has changed as well. That’s because, for many brands, the box is the first physical interaction customers have with them and their products. The unboxing experience has become so meaningful; there are YouTube channels dedicated to it (these videos are mesmerizing).

The box has become an incredibly important part of the brand story for this new generation of commerce and direct-to-consumer brands.

This is what leads us to Lumi and why we’re proud to announce today that we’re leading the company’s $9M Series A, along with Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures.

Lumi helps e-commerce companies produce custom packaging by bringing simplicity to something that is very complex: what machine in what factory in what part of the world would be best to make this box, the wrapping, marketing inserts, etc.? They call it “networked manufacturing” meaning bringing factories online.

They have created a platform that enables creativity in packaging and gives brands more flexibility in how they express themselves at that critical touchpoint with customers.

Jesse and Stephan are inspiring leaders that have built a fantastic team. They have run their own e-commerce company, so they know first hand the challenges people face. They are also, designers by training and it shows in the look and feel of everything they do. My favorite part is that Lumi is an embodiment of its founders. You can see this is on full display in their ability to make the mundane fun. Shipping things is must-watch content for any e-commerce company.

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. There are so many companies to help you with every aspect of building and running a business. Services that allow you to focus on your core competency and customer experience. Lumi fills in another piece of the puzzle for consumer brands.

On behalf of the entire Spark team, we’re thrilled to add Lumi to our community and look forward to partnering with them as they build this fascinating business.

General partner at Spark Capital

General partner at Spark Capital